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Individual Consulting

If you have made your way here, then you probably want to feel better and are considering seeking help to reach your health goals. I want that for you too! I'd love to help you on your journey to better health.

Image by Vlad Bagacian

I work with women who

are ready to commit to some hard work and either:

  • Want to improve their breast health - maybe have fibrocystic breasts, dense breast tissue, been diagnosed with LCIS, have a high risk of breast cancer, been diagnosed with breast cancer


  • Suffer from digestive issues & want relief from pain, bloating, constipation/diarrhea, etc.

How do you get to where you want to be?

Making it to your destination, a.k.a. your wellness goals, is a journey. There will be bumps, construction, detours and forks in the road where you’ll have to make some decisions. I am going to be honest with you here…there is no quick fix, no magic pill, nor a new fad diet that will put you on the fast  track to transformation. Long lasting change takes time, hard work, patience, a positive attitude, a vision of your end goal, and… support and guidance. That’s where I come in.


You get to where you want to be by taking small steps, one day at a time. Steps that feel right for you. My job as a holistic nutrition consultant is to provide a safe, confidential, judgement free space to guide and support you as you take the wheel to navigate your wellness journey.

I take a holistic approach when it comes to working with clients. We address all parts of our being: mind, body, spirit, in addition to our environment. You will look inwards at what may be stopping you and identify your roadblocks. We will discuss…

  • what foods, herbs, and supplements work best for optimal nutrition and your situation

  • what it means to be an intuitive eater and how you can learn to trust yourself and love yourself

  • if there are any energy blockages that could contributing to your situation

  • basic nutrition and how a healthy gut is our first stop on the road to wellness

  • whether or not functional testing is an option for you, so we don’t have to guess as to what may be going on

We will develop a plan together that is sustainable and works for you. You’ll see results because this is your life, your plan and your goals. You can do this! Are you ready?



"Julie is wonderful to work with, she is great at listening and modifying plans as needed to ensure success. She made me really start looking at what I was eating and being a more conscious consumer of food. When I felt overwhelmed about giving up certain foods, she had me start gradually. She asks tough questions and was tuned in to what I was doing and why. She called me out on my bad habits and helped me recognize where I needed to make changes."

— Sara

Here’s what you can expect working with me

The place to start is filling out the application to work together. This will give me some insight into what you need support with and if I am the right practitioner to help you reach those goals. If I think we’re a match you’ll receive a follow up email with all in the information you’ll need to set up your free Discovery Call. I offer individual consulting both in person at my new Wellness Workshop in Pardeeville and virtually (using Zoom).

After the application is filled out and we've had our Discovery Call, the next step is the Basic Nutrition Consult. We will take an in depth look into your personal and family health history, environmental exposures, and diet & lifestyle habits. We identify your wellness goals and make a plan that’s just right for you. Recommendations may include changes in diet and lifestyle, as well as adding herbs and supplements. This Basic Nutrition Consult consists of two 90 minutes sessions: Intake & Recommendations.

For those with digestive issues, after the Basic Nutrition Consult, depending on what you have going on, I may recommend we continue with the Five R Gut Healing Program. 

For people with issues with digestion, thyroid, autoimmune diseases, food allergies, and more. 5R stands for: Remove, Replace, Repopulate, Repair, Rebalance. This is a 4-6 month individual program focused on whole foods and specific supplements to balance the digestive system. May include additional functional digestive testing. Cost of supplements & functional testing is additional cost. Requires Basic Nutrition Consult first.


I have completed a program with Restorative Wellness Solutions, which is a certification program that grants practitioners access to functional labs to be used for detecting imbalances. Laboratory testing is performed to determine areas of dysfunction and opportunities for healing, not in diagnosis or treatment. I am not a doctor and do not diagnose or treat disease. I suggest each client shares lab results with their primary care doctor and refer to their doctor for any questions. **Labs are available to clients only- I do not offer labs to the general public. I am unable to ship labs to NY, NJ + RI**

Are you ready to start your journey to better health & take the wheel?

You have it in you to take control of your health!


I’ll be here to teach, guide, and empower you. Would you like to work together? Apply below.

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