Individual Consulting

If you have made your way here, then you may want to feel better and are considering seeking help to reach your health goals. I want that for you too! Congratulations on taking the first step: looking into your options. Now, I encourage you to take another step and reach out to me to set up your FREE Discovery Session. This is where I like to people to start before signing up for any of my programs. To learn more about the Discovery Session, click here.

I offer four individual consulting packages to choose from. You may ask yourself, "how do I know which one is right for me?" During your Discovery Session, is where we will talk about your goals and your health situation, which will lead us to finding the package that is just right for you. I offer Individual consulting in person or over Zoom video calls.

Want to see the individual consulting packages I offer side-by-side?

choose to ignite


The Choose to Ignite package is a good place to start. This program is for you if you are simply looking for some guidance on making healthy lifestyle changes and don't know where to start or have recently been diagnosed with a health issue.

 choose to boost


The Choose to Boost package is for you if you have a few goals you'd like to address and focus on and feel like you need some guidance and someone to empower you and hold you accountable.

choose to empower


The Choose to Empower package is for those who want to dig deeper and focus on several health goals.

choose to transform PACKAGE

The Choose to Transform package is for those who are really serious about changing their health and lifestyle, are facing many health challenges, and need support in transforming their life .

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