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Group Program

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Join me for 3 months on your journey to wellness. It can get confusing and difficult at times, but it can also be beautiful! Why the name Journey? Well...wellness is a journey, it's not a destination. We don't finally get to a place of being well. It's something we choose to do every day. I'd like to help you along that journey.

The focus of the program: We will cover all the basics to help you reduce your risk for chronic disease. You will...

  • learn about the key fundamentals to live a vibrant, healthy life

  • implement what you learn in class into your daily life

  • have the support of a group that will rally around you to make the journey easier and more enjoyable

  • learn how to balance your blood sugar

  • have more energy and sleep better

  • learn how to cook different foods, meal plan & the benefits of batch cooking

  • become an intuitive eater

  • release any fear or guilt around eating

  • learn about the importance of gut health

  • find ways to reduce stress and learn the art of practice of Qigong

  • have private consulting options with me which are included in the program costs

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Structure of the Journey Program

This is an online program and we will meet the first three weeks of each month via Zoom. You will have access to a wealth of information on a member site that will have short weekly video lessons for you to watch with new skills to introduce into your daily life. The site will also have educational materials and recipes. The meetings will be to recap what was in the weekly lesson and a time to connect as a group for support and questions. These will be recorded in case you can't make it live.

You will focus on shifting your foods to whole foods while reducing your intake of processed and high sugar foods. We will meet for 3 months. During your 3 months, you will have an option to meet with me privately once a month for a 30 minute individual consult.

Who should sign up?

  • Anyone who wants to reduce their risk of chronic disease or is living with a chronic health condition

  • People who are serious about really making an effort and a change in their daily habits

  • Really...anyone who feels crappy and not like themselves and wants to feel better!

Is that you?

Program Start Date: Monday, January 15th

Weekly Zoom Calls: Tuesdays at 6:45 - 7:45 pm Central Time

Registration is open!

Early Bird Pricing Deadline, November 30th: $597 (one payment). Use coupon code: EARLYBIRDJOURNEY

Regular Pricing Starting December 1st: $797 (one payment)

Payment Plan is an option after Dec. 1st: $800 - only for Regular Pricing (not when using coupon code for early bird):

3 monthly payments of $267 (payments start date of registration)

A place to start...

For some people, the place to start is with a group program. My Journey Program  is a place to learn the foundations of health as you put into practice what you learn.  You get the support of the group, making the changes easier.  It is a 3 month program which I run twice a year. Next one starts January 16th. Find out more...


I finally found a program that didn't just focus on portion control, food, and exercise. It helped me understand the psychological reason behind overeating and emotional eating. It not only did that, but it also gave me tools to work with to address those issues. You also learn your own body cues. Looking forward to a better lifestyle."


These classes helped me explore my eating habits in a new way. It helped me recognize there are emotional components and triggers to eating. Through exploration and insight, I believe these classes have helped me not only recognize, but gave me the tools to help improve eating but also overall health practices."


This experience was full of so many great ways to rebuild the relationship I have with food and myself. There are techniques that have become a part of my everyday, which help me eat when I am hungry and stop when I am satisfied - not full and in pain! The connection & sharing with others was helpful to know you're not alone. Julie is such a caring and passionate instructor that provides more than just the information - she provides hope & inspiration!"
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