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Qigong Practice Groups - Plans & Pricing

By joining a Qigong practice group, you will experience a simple, effective system of movements and meditations that can be done anywhere, anytime, and by anyone. No equipment is needed and thousands of practitioners worldwide have reported incredible results in their physical and emotional well-being.

These sessions are designed for people who wish to be part of a community in order to benefit from the energy of a group and the connection of a community. All are welcome - no previous Qigong or meditation experience is necessary.

What is Qigong?

"Qi" means energy, and "gong" means "to work with". Qigong is simply working with your body's own energy, and is one of the best ways to maintain a healthy lifestyle. I think of it as a moving meditation. Anyone- regardless of ability, age, or beliefs - can practice the techniques of Qigong.

When your energy becomes blocked, you become physically or emotionally sick; when the energy blockages are removed, your body's energy flows with ease and you get better faster-it's that simple.

Qigong has been practiced for thousands of years. It has been traditionally very complex and surrounded in mystery. Spring Forest Qigong (SFQ) is a revolutionary and modernized form of Qigong, developed by International Qigong Master Chunyi Lin, after decades of study with some of the most renowned Qigong masters in the world. This is the form of Qigong that I have been trained in.

Master Lin believes that Qigong does not have to be complex or cloaked in mystery to be effective. He developed a form of Qigong that works in today's world and is so simple it can be practiced by anyone. “Good, better, best” is an important principle of SFQ practice.

SFQ is a practice of breathing, focusing your mind, doing very simple body movements, and meditating. In creating SFQ, Master Lin has blended these components together into a system that is very simple yet so very powerful. Thousands of students have found the practice life-changing.

Because the science of Qigong is so little known in the West, this may all sound very complicated, or even impossible, but it is not. SFQ is designed to be very simple to learn and practice, yet very powerful in its benefits.


Qi Tribe Membership

I am excited to announce the beginning of the Qi Tribe Membership! The first session begins on Tuesday, August 1, 2023. But you can join at any time. I have developed this membership to allow you to join these healing SFQ group practices from the comfort of your own home. I know that schedules can get so very busy, and we tend to leave ourselves to be the last ones we take care of; I wanted to make it easy for you to attend. So whether you can make it to the live sessions or watch the recorded sessions, you will still find benefit to your overall health and well-being. The sessions are approximately 60 minutes long, with both moving meditation and a seated guided meditation portion.

Qi Tribe Membership Structure

  • monthly membership

  • includes 4 live SFQ group sessions per month (the first four of the month) broadcast via Zoom - you do not have to join live as the sessions are recorded 

  • meets on Tuesdays from 9:00 - 10:00 am

  • join at any time

  • all sessions will be recorded and put on the Qi Tribe Membership site you have private access to

  • Q&A time during the sessions

  • you'll also get access BONUS MATERIAL, such as guided meditation audio recordings & Immunity Support ebook and Immunity Plate handout

  • when you register, you get grandfathered pricing - the price you pay now will be locked in - your cost will NEVER be increased as long as you remain a subscribed member

  • in circumstances where I cannot be available for the live weekly sessions, I will pre-record your practice session and post it in the membership area


We will be meeting virtually using Zoom, so you will need a Zoom license. Zoom offers a free  and a paid version (the free account will work just fine.) It is best to use a computer or laptop which allows you to watch from a larger screen than a phone or tablet. You will need a reliable internet connection as well.  A basic knowledge of how to use Zoom would be useful.

You do not need any other special equipment to join the sessions. You may want to have a chair handy incase you want to sit down at some point or for the seated guided meditations. This portion can also be done sitting on the floor or laying down. You will find what is comfortable for you. You can use a yoga mat or blanket for laying on the floor.

Dress in comfortable clothing that is easy to move in. You may wear shoes or practice barefoot. Remember this is all about what is comfortable for you. You may want to have a glass of water near by during the session.

Cost & Payment Information

The Qi Tribe is sold as a monthly subscription. This means that when you register you will automatically be enrolled in the online membership site and you will be eligible to attend all weekly classes.   Every month your credit card will be automatically charged for the next month's subscription.  As long as your subscription remains intact you will be eligible to access the weekly sessions and the online site for the recordings and bonus material. 

Monthly Subscription Cancellation Policy:  you may cancel your subscription at any time and you can re-start the program at any time.   When you cancel, you will be able to attend all remaining sessions in your current billing period.  At the end of the billing period your access will be revoked. No partial refunds are given for cancellations during a month.

Monthly Only: there is no option available to purchase one session at a time.   The minimum registration is for a 30-day subscription of 4 x sessions.​

Frequently Asked Questions About Qigong

What should I bring to class and wear?

You should dress in comfortable clothes; ones that are easy to move in. If you are able, you will be standing for most of the practice, so make sure to wear supportive shoes, although some people practice SFQ barefoot. Also make sure to have water to drink in case you get thirsty.

Check out what SFQ is

If you're new to Qigong, I encourage you to watch this video of Master Lin leading a group at a SFQ conference. It will give you an idea of just how simple and practice is, and that it truly is for anyone.

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Start Your Journey Here: Join the Qi Tribe!

  • Qi Tribe Monthly

    Every month
    Monthly Membership to Keep Your Qi Balanced & Energized!
    • 4 Spring Forest Qigong (30 min.) Session Recordings
    • access to all recorded sessions & bonus material
    • full access to Qi Tribe membership site
    • cancel at any time
    • monthly automatic renewal
    • guided meditation audio files
    • Immunity Support ebook & Immunity Plate handout
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