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Being well and have good health is not just about what you eat and how much you exercise. It's a whole body practice. For me, being creative and making things is therapeutic. It is a part of my wellness practice. If this resonates with you, if you need a day just for fun and creativity, join me for this fun one-day retreat! 


What the day will include:

  • 30 minute Spring Forest Qigong session
  • We will discuss all the different ways we can create wellness and share what it looks life for each of us
  • Learn how to tap into your intuition when it comes to creating - avoiding the fear of the blank page!
  • Time to create
    • art supplies to bring your imagination to life (I will have a variety of projects you can work on: Dutch Pour painting, beaded suncatcher or bracelet, vision boards, rock painting, free create)
    • choose to create in the Wellness Workshop or take walk on our 15 acre farm and find a place that inspires you
  • We will make lunch together and share a meal (creating can be in the form of cooking too!) 
  • Time spent with others, laughter, fun and a happy heart!


Date: Saturday,  September 9

Time: 9:30 am to 2:30 pm

Location: Whole Choice Living's Wellness Workshop, W3652 14th Rd, Pardeeville

Cost: $150 (includes a yummy homemade lunch)

Create Wellness Retreat - Sept. 9

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