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This summer I will be joining forces with my dear sister, Barb Kearns, to host a day camp on Saturday, July 13th. Barb is the owner of ​Just Be​, where she offers reflexology and energy sessions.


Join us for a day to Release & Restore. The morning activities will be focused on releasing what no longer serves us and will include the following:

  • guided meditation to set your intention for the day
  • guided journaling to help you figure out what you want to release
  • paint-throwing!! I'm looking forward to this! Barb will walk us through this fun project - you'll go home with a unique piece of artwork


We will break for a yummy nourishing lunch and then switch gears to focus on restoring in the afternoon. Activities include:

  • Qigong exercises - this is a gentle moving meditation to open up any blockages in the body to help your energy flow freely to help your body heal itself
  • Create Crystal grids - Creating a crystal grid involves arranging specific crystals in a geometric pattern with a clear intention, believed to amplify their collective energy and manifest desired outcomes. Through careful selection, arrangement, and activation, you harness the unique properties of each crystal to create a powerful tool for healing, manifestation, and spiritual growth. ( you get to take this home with you too!)
  • Learn how to restore yourself wiht nourishing foods and herbs and the importance of mindful/intuitive eating.


Date: Saturday, July 13th

Time: 9 am - 3 pm

Location: WCL Wellness Workshop, W3652 14th Road, Pardeeville

Cost: $150

Release & Restore Camp July 13

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