An amazing fact: 80% of your immune system is found in your gut!  When your gut is out of balance so many other symptoms can be seen. The place to begin for most health issues is the gut. The Five R Gut Healing Program was developed to health people who may be have the following:

  • digestive issues

  • thyroid issues, Hashimoto's 

  • autoimmune disease

  • food intolerances or sensitivities

All of these have one thing in common - inflammation of the intestinal lining - you just don't know it's happening. This program is based on the Five R's: 

  1. Remove...foods that may be causing inflammation

  2. Replace...with nutrient dense and healing foods and digestive enzymes

  3. Repopulate...the gut with good health promoting bacteria

  4. Repair...with healing foods and supplements

  5. Rebalance...with healthy, sustainable life-style practices

This program includes an initial  90 minute consultation where we will take an in depth look into your personal health history, family health history, and diet & lifestyle habits. We discuss your wellness goals and make a plan that’s just right for you. We will focus on mind, body, spirit and environment. The approximate time commitment for this package is 3 months. This package includes:

  • Initial Consultation (90 minutes)

  • 4 hours of consulting sessions

  • Email and text support

  • customized meal plan

  • recipes

  • recommendations on foods, herbs and supplements

  • educational handouts pertaining to your health concerns and goals