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Unexpected Feeling of Loss & My Comfort Zone

*notice - honest feelings post*

In March, I had my ribbon cutting to officially open the doors to my office; an office I share with two other amazing wellness practitioners. I actually had been in the office and using the space since January. This was a HUGE deal, moving into an office space. I was so excited to be there! I loved having a place to see clients. I had a place to teach my classes. It was great! We painted, decorated and had it all set up. The ribbon cutting happened and then the following week we get the order for Safer at Home. (if this were an audio this is where some sad, yet dramatic music would play)

At first, it really was not that big of a deal – “so I don’t get to use my new office for a few weeks. It will be fine”. This is what I was telling myself. I had no choice but to postpone the classes I had scheduled to have in April because they were all in person classes. There were rumors that this order would last longer. As we now know, that came to be reality. Those classes had to be cancelled instead of postponed. In the meantime, I was scrambling to figure out a way to move my business to the virtual space. Honestly, something I am not comfortable with. I felt stuck.

When we got the extension for Safer at Home, I was still trying to keep a positive attitude. I felt ok because I was still able

to pay for rent and utilities – for a space we’re not able to use. I continued to run into the office every couple of weeks to check for bills that made their way there through our trusty US mail (a huge thank you to all the mail and delivery folks still working! I’m not sure what we would do without you many, many thanks!). When I left the last time, with bill in hand, it was the first time I felt anything negative. I locked the door, and as my hand ran over the colorful plaques where our business names were printed, I felt an unexpected feeling of loss. (again, sad music playing here). That surprised me. Then I was mad. Mad that we only got 3 months in this office we just rented, and who knows if we’ll get to go back. I thought, “what a horrible time to start a business!” And the list goes on.

I didn’t stay in that negative place long. Thank goodness. I knew that being pissed about it wasn’t going to change a damn thing. I live my life with understanding that everything happens for a reason. This is what gets me through hard times. So where did this all leave me? Still feeling stuck with not knowing how to turn my in-person business into a virtual one. This is where I need your help and feedback.

Here's where you come in...

In order for me to do my job as a nutrition and wellness consultant, I need to know what you are struggling with now. How can I help you virtually? I have a lot of program ideas, but they are no good if it’s not what you need. With most of us being at home now, the struggles are different. It’s my mission to help you reach your wellness goals and feel better than you felt yesterday.

So what might those struggles be? Are you feeling stressed and anxious – do you want nutritional support for that? Are you concerned about your sugar intake and want to eliminate that from your diet? Do you just want some recipes and a meal plan without additional support? Do you want to me have a virtual cooking class? Would a support group be helpful where we meet for a weekly over Zoom? Or would you rather meet with me individually, we can do that over Zoom or the phone. I would love to hear back from you. Send me an email, instant message, or call me. I’m here to help you!

In peace & green goodness,



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