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Do you feel GREAT
(vibrant, energetic & healthy)
a majority of your days?

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Do you think its possible your diet & lifestyle are making you sick & you want to make changes?

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Are you confused & overwhelmed by all the advice out there?

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Do you want help to learn how to heal yourself so you can live a full, vibrant, healthy life?

I hear you! You want to...

  • live without stomach pain

  • get rid of bloat & not look like you're pregnant

  • get a good night's sleep

  • wake feeling refreshed

  • have enough energy to spend time with your family

  • go through the day without your body hurting

  • truly know what advice to take when it comes to what foods are best

  • not feel overwhelmed by planning & cooking a meal

  • feel like you can trust your body with what it's telling you

I can help you with all of this, whether it be when you join a group program or when we work 1:1. I'm here to teach you how you can heal yourself holistically.

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The WCL Wellness Workshop

My classes, workshops, and retreats are held at the Whole Choice Living (WCL) Wellness Workshop just 45 short minutes north of Madison, Wi in the Township of Buffalo. The Wellness Workshop is nestled on our beautiful and peaceful 15 acre farmette. Everything I teach is focused on all aspects of wellness helping the mind, body, spirit & environment. This is a place to come heal and reconnect to nature and yourself.

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Classes & Retreats

A place to learn & create ways to be well. Some topics includes:

Qigong & Tai Chi

Herbal Medicine

Cooking Classes

Healthy Living/Home

Mindful Eating

Creative/Art Classes

& more

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Workplace Programs

Need someone to come speak or present on topics of nutrition, herbs, or wellness? 

Are you a business looking to improve the health of your employees? Contact me regarding wellness programing for businesses.

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Group Programs

I run group programs for people who are all learning the same information during a set timeframe. People who enroll in my group programs have a high success rate due to the added support of the group. They are fun, informative & life changing!

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1:1 Consulting

I take a functional nutrition approach to working 1:1 with you. We look for imbalances in the body using the following tools: energy blockage detection,  in depth conversation with you to get a full lifetime health history & functional tests. This is for you if you just can't get through the day without feeling miserable in some way.

HH Challenge
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A good place to start...

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We are learning so much about how the health of the gut determines the health of the individual. So when your gut is out of balance (dysbiosis) many symptoms can be seen, even ones that are not related to your gut.  The best place to begin is the gut. The Five R Gut Healing Program was developed to help pretty much anyone.

I offer this as a self-paced program that you can access right now as a .pdf download!

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Professional-grade supplements

The supplement world is so confusing. I've made it easy for you. Click on the Fullscript button to see a catalog of trusted, professional-grade supplements and as well as teas. Using this link will give you an automatic10% discount! Easy to order and it ships directly to you!

Don't wast your money on supplements that don't work!


Contact Me

Whole Choice Living, LLC

Julie Saalsaa, N.C., RWP

W3652 14th Road

Pardeeville, WI

You can use the form to the right to reach out if you have questions. I promise to do my best to reply to you within 24 hours.

Interested in Private Consulting

If you'd like to some help on a 1:1 basis, please fill out the application using the button below.

Thanks for reaching out! I'll get back to you soon.

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