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Is PMS & your period interfering with your life? Or maybe it's hot flashes, night sweats & heavy flow?

Take back your life &
start living again.

Stomach Ache

I'm here to help you learn to

Love your lady parts!

Did you know:

  • PMS & painful periods are the reason why women miss approximately 9 days of school or work every year (Hunt, CNN).  Is that you? Would you rather spend those days doing something you love? 

  • It's not "normal" to have pain during your period.

  • You can have a period without it completely disrupting your life.

  • There are ways to address these issues without birth control or surgery being the first option.

  • Hot flashes and night sweats are not a guaranteed part of menopause.

  • Addressing the health of your gut is the first step to regulating your hormones

  • Studies have shown that Qigong can help mental health, anxiety, and sleep disturbances in menopausal women. (del Carmen Carcelén-Fraile,M.,  et a., NIH)

  • Qigong movements and Qigong healing have been shown in studies to help reduce pain. (M. Soo Lee)

  • When your Qi (your life force) is blocked, it can cause emotional or physical illness.

Hunt, K (

del Carmen Carcelén-Fraile, M., et a., NIH (

Soo Lee, M. (

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A place to start...

For some people, the place to start is with a group program. As women, we've been misled about our bodies and periods. The Red Thread is where you will unlock all the secrets of our cycles. Dare to talk all things period related. Learn about what is actually happening during each week of your cycle  and life phases (we’ll talk hormones), discover the amazing things your body is capable of (we’ll talk body-appreciation), connect to your divine feminine (we’ll talk self-love). We are all connected, you know, by this Red Thread.

6-Week Group Program Starting.png

Want to dive deeper & get 1:1 help?

This program is a private consulting program for women who need individual support with difficult hormone symptoms. Together we:

  • dare to talk about the topics we avoid as women

  • connect to your inner divine feminine & natural lunar rhythm while learning to appreciate the gifts of the female body (learn to love your lady parts)

  • heal your gut - always the first place to start

  • free you from painful periods, PMS symptoms, or other uncomfortable hormone imbalance symptoms, such as hot flashes, night sweats & insomnia​


This program arose from my personal health journey and the peace I finally found after accepting and appreciating what my body is capable of. I stopped referring to my natural biological functions as "a curse", as we most of us were brought up to believe. As a typical female growing up in the US, I heard the same negative words as most others did to describe our womanhood at every stage. I did not have a talk with my mother when I came of age, nor did she. All I knew about menses, perimenopause and menopause was what I heard from society. And let’s face it, our society is sorely out of touch with this topic. Most of us were not taught about our bodies and how our lady parts work. I'd like to fix that.

Several years ago I attended a webinar talking about loving our divine goddess within. The host interviewed several different women on the subject of loving one's self. These women spoke right to my spirit and what they said made complete sense to me. I felt blessed to have had this “awakening” because it was my turn and responsibility to shape my daughters' views of how they would embrace their divine feminine. Since learning about my cycle and loving the amazing things my female body can do, my PMS went away, I enjoyed the week of my Moon Time (period) every month as I took extra care of my self during this week, and now that I am getting closer to menopause, I am finding it's not so bad!

It is truly a passion of mine to help other women facing difficulties with their hormones and guide them to a place of self love and relief from symptoms. This program is for you no mater what stage in life you are in: maid, matron or crone.

Current Wellness Workshop Schedule

Join me at the WCL Wellness Workshop for qigong, retreats, classes and workshops focused on all aspects of wellness helping the mind, body, spirit & environment.

Join the

Qi Tribe

Experience the healing practice of Qigong. Join my weekly group sessions from the comfort of your own home. 

FREE Intro to Qigong Session

If you're new to Qigong, I encourage you to sign up for a free intro session. I offer these at least once a month. There are two coming up on

Thursday, Nov. 30th at 6:30 pm CT

Monday, Dec. 18th at 6:30 pm CT

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"Julie is wonderful to work with, she is great at listening and modifying plans as needed to ensure success. She made me really start looking at what I was eating and being a more conscious consumer of food. When I felt overwhelmed about giving up certain foods, she had me start gradually. She asks tough questions and was tuned in to what I was doing and why. She called me out on my bad habits and helped me recognize where I needed to make changes."

— Sara

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Get Your FREE Guide

Have you signed up to get your free Hormone Balancing  DIY Program yet? This is a great place to start. It includes a 7-Day Meal Plan focused on balancing hormones. It also includes a shopping list, yummy recipes and a daily prep guide.

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Contact Me

Whole Choice Living, LLC

Julie Saalsaa, N.C., RWP

W3652 14th Road

Pardeeville, WI

You can use the form to the right to reach out if you have questions. I promise to do my best to reply to you within 24 hours.

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