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Live life well!
Your journey to better health.

Holistic Nutrition Consulting & Wellness Classes
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Are you here?


  • Am sick and tired of being sick and tired!

  • Need relief from difficult menstrual cycles, PMS, PCOS, or other hormonal health issues

  • Have night sweats, hot flashes, low sex drive

  • Want to love & accept my body

  • Suffer from digestive issues & want relief from pain, bloating, and the embarrassment of having to run to the bathroom

  • Suffer from an autoimmune disease or chronic illness

  • Think certain foods really bother me, but just can’t figure it out

  • Suffer from chronic/repeated infections

  • Have major food cravings that seem to control me

  • Am tired, have low energy, and sometimes just can’t think straight

  • Just can’t sleep well

  • Cope with emotions by using food

  • Am so frustrated because I’ve tried every diet out there, but they just haven't worked for me long term

  • Feel guilty when I eat or don't eat certain foods

  • Want to have a healthy relationship with food and myself

  • Am ready to to commit to some hard work to better my health

How do you get to where you want to be?

Making it to your destination, a.k.a. your wellness goals, is a journey. There will be bumps, construction, detours and forks in the road where you’ll have to make some decisions. I am going to be honest with you here…there is no quick fix, no magic pill, nor a new fad diet that will put you on the fast  track to transformation. Long lasting change takes time, hard work, patience, a positive attitude, a vision of your end goal, and… support and guidance. That’s where I come in.


You get to where you want to be by taking small steps, one day at a time. Steps that feel right for you. My job as a holistic nutrition consultant is to provide a safe, confidential, judgement free space to guide and support you as you take the wheel to navigate your wellness journey.

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I take a holistic approach when it comes to working with clients. We address all parts of our being: mind, body, spirit, in addition to our environment. You will look inwards at what may be stopping you and identify your roadblocks. We will discuss…

  • what it means to be an intuitive eater and how you can learn to trust yourself and love yourself

  • what foods, herbs, and supplements work best for optimal nutrition and your situation

  • if there are any energy blockages that could contributing to your situation

  • basic nutrition and how a healthy gut is our first stop on the road to wellness

  • whether or not functional testing is an option for you, so we don’t have to guess as to what may be going on

We will develop a plan together that is sustainable and works for you. You’ll see results because this is your life, your plan and your goals. You can do this! Are you ready?

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Meet Julie Saalsaa

Holistic Nutrition Consultant

Hi there! I'm glad you found me. I'd like to introduce myself. My name is Julie Saalsaa; I'm a holistic Nutrition Consultant and Restorative Wellness Practitioner. I started Whole Choice Living in 2019 with a mission to educate clients on what it means to make healthy, sustainable choices when it comes to their lifestyle and well-being.

I offer:

  • individual nutrition consulting

  • group wellness classes & retreats

  • various Create Wellness workshops making: kombucha,  home-made soaps/body products, herbal remedies, artwork

  • Spring Forest Qigong classes

  • in-person and virtual session options

  • for businesses: lunch-time wellness talks/programs for your employees


Meet Julie Saalsaa


"Julie is wonderful to work with, she is great at listening and modifying plans as needed to ensure success. She made me really start looking at what I was eating and being a more conscious consumer of food. When I felt overwhelmed about giving up certain foods, she had me start gradually. She asks tough questions and was tuned in to what I was doing and why. She called me out on my bad habits and helped me recognize where I needed to make changes."

— Sara

Are you ready to start your journey to better health & take the wheel?

You have it in you to take control of your health!


I’ll be here to teach, guide, and empower you. Would you like to work together? Apply below.


Contact Info

Whole Choice Living, LLC

Julie Saalsaa, N.C., RWP

W3652 14th Road

Pardeeville, WI

Phone: 608-333-6102


You can use the form to the right to reach out if you have questions. Or feel free to call, text or email. I promise to do my best to reply to you within 24 hours.

Thanks for reaching out! I'll get back to you soon.

Professional-grade supplements

The supplement world is so confusing. I've made it easy for you. Click on the Fullscript button to see a catalog of trusted, professional-grade supplements and as well as teas. As my clients, you get a 10% discount! Easy to order and it ships directly to you!

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