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How do you want to feel?

Change. People perceive change in different ways. Some people thrive on change, while for others it can be debilitating. I happen to fall closer to the thriving end. For me change is exciting and I get bored if things are the same for too long. When we are young, we don’t have much we can change; so I changed the things I had control over: the set up of my bedroom and my hair (when I was old enough to color it myself). As I grew older, I continued to change my hair style and the location of the household furniture (it drives my husband a little nuts); I also changed the focus of my degree more times than I would care to admit, but that was all superficial change.

Being a nutrition consultant part of my job is to empower people to make healthy changes in their lives. So I spend a lot of time thinking about change. I look for different ways to encourage my clients. I analyze all aspects of the word. What makes it harder for some people than others? What motivates people? I have come to this realization based on my experience with others AND myself: change doesn’t happen without some sort of discomfort.

It wasn’t until a scary health diagnosis in 2009 that I made some changes in my life. Fear. Fear was the fuel behind my changes. If doesn’t have to be fear though, it can be pain, lack of mobility, fatigue, lack of energy, lack of self-esteem, or just a general feeling crappy and not feeling yourself. I am convinced that if we aren’t uncomfortable we aren’t moving towards change. What would be the driving force if we weren’t uncomfortable?

I think most of us have become comfortable with symptoms that really aren’t healthy, and we just live with them. We get used to them, and those symptoms become familiar. Aviva Room, MD says it well, “we confuse familiar with comfortable”. Just because you are used to having joint discomfort or are crashing at 1pm in the afternoon then having sugar cravings doesn’t mean you have to. Just because you’re a woman, doesn’t mean you have to have heavy, painful periods. Just because for months you have been waking up after a night’s sleep but still feel tired, doesn’t mean that is just the way it is. These are the familiar that that we have gotten comfortable with. It’s not until we make some healthier choices that we realize how good we feel. So, the questions I have for you are: ARE YOU COMFORTABLE? and HOW DO YOU WANT TO FEEL?

If you answered something like to: “I’m NOT comfortable and I want to feel better”, I’m here to offer you hope. Now is the perfect time to take back your health! I am starting another RESTART® class soon. This 5-week class has helped so many people feel better. It’s a great place to start your journey to better health. It resets or restarts your taste buds, your digestive system, your immune system, your blood sugar regulation. RESTART® is a detox class where you learn about how sugar and processed foods effect the body. You will eliminate sugar and processed foods for 3 of the 5 weeks. There are NO special drinks or supplements to purchase; we focus on real, healthy whole foods. What I love about this class is the support aspect. The class size is limited to 10 people and we work as a group to support each other.

So, what do you think? Are you ready to start feeling better?

Sign up before June 24th and I’ll include a FREE RESTART® cookbook. This cookbook is not only a cookbook, but a resource guide with a meal plan, pantry list, grocery list, quick snack ideas, and a section on cooking terminology. This is a MUST have for the program!! You’re health is in your hands.

Here are what some RESTART® participants are saying:

“This wasn’t a class about dieting. It was how to start a new journey eating healthy. Learning how sugar impacts your body in a negative way was eye opening. I’m looking forward to continuing this journey feeling so much better than when I start.” Julie B.

“In just 5 short weeks I was able to eliminate many uncomfortable symptoms, increase my energy, lose weight, sleep like a rock and start feeling great again - all with no medications. It was easier than I thought it would be and the support group was amazing and helped me to realize I wasn't alone in my journey to finding a healthier me. I now look at the rest of my 40s with a new excitement and focus!” Jennifer R.

“I didn't realize how feeling bad had become my "new normal" until I went through the RESTART® program. I feel so much better now and believe I have the tools I need to change my approach to food and healthy eating.” Linda P.

“The Restart Program is such a life-changer! The first week was hard. I won't deny that. I didn't realize how "addicted" I was to sugar and other carbs. But after that first hurdle, I started to feel better - inside and out! I learned so much about nutrition and was surprised to hear that things I normally considered to be healthy, in fact, were not. I love this program and I love how I feel after the program. This is how I want to feel for the rest of my life, and with the information I learned in the Restart Program, I will be able to do just that!” Carla L.

Class Details:

  • Typically, we meet in person, but with Covid-19, I have switched my classes to online. We will meet using Zoom video conferencing.

  • Each class will meet for 60- 90 minutes.

  • This program is for 5 weeks. It’s very important to be able to make ALL 5 classes to get the most out of the program.

  • Each week you will receive an email from me with class materials.

  • The detox portion of the class starts on Week 2.

  • I am offering two classes at this time: one in the evening and for the first time, one during the day. The daytime class would be great over your lunch hour (I will keep these classes to 60 minutes).

  • Cost: $150. Remember to sign up before June 24th and you’ll receive the cookbook for FREE!

  • If you sign up after June 24th, you can order the cookbook on Amazon for $16.99


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