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RESTART® is part nutrition class, part support group, and part sugar detox. This 5-week class is for anyone wanting to "restart" their health and take a break from all the processed foods we are surrounded by. You will learn about healthy digestion and sugar regulation, all while implementing the things you learn about. Three weeks of the class will be a sugar detox where you will eliminate sugar and processed foods from your daily eating habits. Anyone can do anything for 3 weeks right? YES! Yes, you can! And I will be here, along with the rest of the class to support you through it. People feel so much better after the program that they have a hard time going back to their old way of eating. During Week 5, I will teach you ways to introduce foods back into your daily eating habits.

The RESTART® rule is: "Whatever I eat, I choose it consciously, I enjoy it thoroughly, and then I let it go." You will be learn to be kind to yourself when it comes to eating and release the guilt. 

Each week, we will meet for 60-90 minutes. I keep the class to a maximum of ten people to allow time for everyone to share and support each other. 

I include the RESTART® Cookbook and the RESTART® Food Journal in the price of class ($30 value). This cookbook not only has amazing recipes, but also includes:

  • Basic cooking tips if you're new to cooking

  • 7 day meal plan

  • Shopping lists

  • Grab & Go Snack list

  • Kitchen Tool guide

  • Must have Pantry List

You get all this for $175. Invest in yourself, you're worth it! 

There are no additional costs to the class. 

Not comfortable in a group setting or your schedule just doesn't line up with when I'm offering classes? Great news! I am now offering the RESTART® Program as a private 1:1 session.  See below for more information.


DATES:Tuesdays starting January 10th, 2023 until February 7, 2023

TIME: 6:45 pm (Central time)

LOCATION: Virtual Meetings via Zoom

We will meet for 5 consecutive weeks. This is a short class and we go over ALOT of information, so it is really important that you check your calendar to make sure you can make all of the meetings. 

RESTART class  |  $175
Includes all class materials, cookbook, food journal

See what participants are saying:

This wasn’t a class about dieting. It was how to start a new journey eating healthy. Learning how sugar impacts your body in a negative way was eye opening. I’m looking forward to continuing this journey feeling so much better than when I start.” 

Julie B.

This is the first time I have taken a class like this with the intention to learn about food vs. lose weight. It was eye opening, fun, and very educational. To make it even better, I lost weight! WooHoo! Julie did a fantastic job explaining everything and answering all of our questions."

Emily W.

In just 5 short weeks I was able to eliminate many uncomfortable symptoms, increase my energy, lose weight, sleep like a rock and start feeling great again - all with no medications. It was easier than I thought it would be and the support group was amazing and helped me to realize I wasn't alone in my journey to finding a healthier me. I now look at the rest of my 40s with a new excitement and focus!”

Jennifer R.

“I didn't realize how feeling bad had become my "new normal" until I went through the RESTART® program. I feel so much better now and believe I have the tools I need to change my approach to food and healthy eating.” 

Linda P.

New! Now Offering Individual Sessions for RESTART® Program

I have many people say to me, "I really wanted to sign up for the program, but my schedule just didn't jive." And they are so bummed to miss out! Or maybe you're not comfortable in a group setting and would prefer to meet one on one. Well, I don't like seeing people bummed out, so...the RESTART® Program will now be available as private 1:1 sessions with me!

You get all the same great information and results as the group RESTART® Program, but get to meet with me one on one where you can ask more specific questions about your situation, AND you also get an additional 1:1 60 minute session with me to work on a topic of your choice.

This program includes five 60-75 minutes private sessions to go over the program materials. The program will be five consecutive weeks. You can pick a time that works for you. The additional/sixth session can be booked any time.

It includes:

  1. the RESTART Cookbook which is filled not only with great recipes, but cooking tips, quick snack list, meal plans, and shopping list

  2. 3 ring binder with your weekly materials

  3. RESTART food journal

We can meet in person or virtually.

Restart 1:1
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