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Fun Fact: our guts makes up 70-80% of our immunity. Knowing this, it makes sense that when our guts are "out of whack" then the rest of our body systems are too. When we have issues with our gut it can show up as typical digestive symptoms: gas, bloating, indigestion, constipation, diarrhea, irritable bowel, etc. But did you know it can also manifest in other ways too? Chronic health concerns such as allergies, autoimmune diseases, mental health, hormone issues, and inflammation. This is all causing inflammation you cannot see in your intestinal walls and possibly intestinal permeability (or leaky gut).


The 5 R Gut Healing Program has 5 steps: Rebalance, Remove, Replace, Repopulate, and Repair. It is used when the body needs to reset, rebalance, and heal the gut. It is done over a period of 5-12 weeks, depending upon the individual. This program is designed as a self-paced program that you can download access right now as a pdf download. 


It is a step by step program that walks you through this tried and true protocol to help you heal your gut. You will remove foods that could be causing you distress and replace them with health giving foods. It also lists supplements and herbs that can be used to help the healing process.


It includes the Five 5 Gut Healing guide book, TWO cookbooks, and a one-week meal plan to help with the planning. At the end of the program you will use the Reintroducing Foods & Empowered Eater booklet (included) which guides you through what to do after the program.


And there are BONUSES!  You will also receive:

  • Immune Supporting Plate handout that shows you what you want to put on your plate for optimal health and healing.
  • Balancing Blood Sugar handout explains all the important information you need to know how foods effect your blood sugar and tips to keep cravings at bay.


5 R Gut Healing Program

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