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Changes are underway

After hours and hours of contemplation, I decided to move my office. This news is actually old, because as I write this post, I have already moved out. In April. I loved my office! I had a great landlord and a great officemate. It was great, it just wasn't fulfilling my dreams of what I envisioned offering to you all. I have dreams of offering larger workshops and retreats! This is exciting, as I've never really broadcasted this information. You're among the first to know if you're reading this in current time.

So where am I now you may ask? I'm at home upstairs in my "Harry Potter" office; it's the closet above the stairs. I will be seeing clients virtually, until my new office is built. "New office?", you ask. Yes! My new office is building built right now and will be delivered in a couple of months. It will be located here on our homestead. I live on a beautiful 15 acre farm where my husband and I grow our own vegetables and raise chickens. I have an abundance of planted and wild herbs throughout the property. My dream is to offer a more hands-on experience for my individual client sessions. You can come walk the small labyrinth for some moments of reflection. We can harvest herbs that may be useful to you when in season , then go inside the workshop where I can teach you how to make your own medicine. The office will be large enough to hold workshops and retreats.

See behind the basketball hoop where all the overgrown bushes are? This is where the building will go.

I will share updates on the progress. My goal is to open in September. Stay tuned for an Open House celebration. Until then, I'm still seeing individual clients and running group classes. I actually have a RESTART class starting July 24th. Check it out if you're interested.


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