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"Common" is not "Normal"

It's easy to think these two words have the same meaning when it comes to how our bodies feel and react to things. But I'm here to remind you that they are not. "Common" does not mean "Normal".

It's common for many people to have gas and bloating after eating pasta, but it's not normal.

It's common for women to suffer from painful periods, but it's not normal.

It's common for people to get shooting pains under their ribs after eating a greasy meal, but it's not normal.

It's common to suffer from daily headaches, but it's not normal.

It's common to turn to food or drinks when you've had a bad day, are lonely or sad and then feel guilty about it, but it's not normal.

All of these things bring us discomfort in one form or another. What you've been suffering with for weeks, months, or years, is not normal. I'm here to remind you that everyone deserves to feel good. Our bodies want to feel good and function well. Taking care of ourselves is NOT selfish, no matter what you've been told. I want to repeat that, taking care of yourself is not selfish. Tune into what your body is telling you. Listen to what it has to say. Our bodies have the ability to heal themselves if we just get out of their way and listen to what they need. We've just learned to tune them out and ignore the signs. Our bodies are so incredibly intelligent and intuitive - it blows my mind really!!

When we listen to our bodies we start to form a different type of relationship with ourselves. One where we can learn to trust ourselves and tap into our intuition. We don't have to look outside for all the answers. We can listen to what I call our "natural truth" and start to live intuitively. Awareness is the first step in intuitive living. I encourage you to try this out by keeping a journal to track of how you feel and what your daily habits are for one week and see if you can make any connections. I love journaling because we are all so beautifully unique and it's like you're your own private investigator working through clues and connecting the dots. In order to help you out with this, I've created a daily journal you can print out. It has a place to keep track of

  • the time of day you notice things

  • what you may be feeling emotionally, physically, your mood, your energy level

  • are you having cravings

  • the food or beverages you eat or drink

  • how you feel emotionally and physically before you eat

  • how you feel emotionally and physically after you eat

My Journal
Download PDF • 3.08MB

My wish for you is to take the first step in your journey to find your natural truth, to tune in, listen and be aware of what your body may be telling you. Remember to listen with a compassionate heart.


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